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The 2% Rule


A trader always stumbles on this topic, now ask yourself how often have you stuck to the rules of money management.

We personally believe this one attribute that can completely make or break your trading career.

Do you stick to money management principles is directly related to your individual traits of handling money. If you are a bad spender then there is a high chance that you will never stick to money management principles. Read More


Why is currency strength and weakness so important


Often in Forex trading we hear the term ‘trade strength against weakness’, however sadly not many follow it.

Determining a strong and weak currency before entering any pair is the most important criteria, in fact I would say it’s the core of the analysis.
There are numerous brokers who offer currency indexes in mt4 chart format, which makes life easier in analyzing currency pairs. Read More


This small insight can change your trading result instantly


Currency pairs only move because one currency is strong and the other is weak that is it. This strength and weakness is how trends form and proceed in Forex market. Indicators only make it easier for our eyes to identify, otherwise its always the strength and weakness of price which moves the markets.

When a trader looks at the EUR/USD as a pair to trade and most likely would use a common or fancy indicator and look for entries. The problem is he is looking at this instrument as a standalone pair which is where everything goes wrong. Read More


It takes lot more than a good strategy to stay profitable

It takes lot more than a good strategy to stay profitable

Your personality does play a very crucial role in trading. You may trade the best strategy in the world and still lose money. As humans we have emotions. Some are restless while some very strong and firm with decisions. Some are natural risk takers and some aren’t.

Let’s be honest, if we cannot take risks then we cannot be traders. Trading is about managing risk. So someone who is risk averse should not be in the trading business. Read More (more…)